Artisan producers at Porto Heli – Peloponnese

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The 2008 financial crisis in Greece drove many young people back to the countryside from Athens.
A welcome by-product of such desperate times has been the collaboration of young and old in rejuvenating family businesses. 

This applies particularly to farming and the production of food.
These new artisan’s are combining the traditional methods of their parents and grandparents with some modern twists.

There is also a new type of buyer in the marketplace.
Concern about over processed and chemically saturated food has created a meeting of minds between producer and consumer.


Honey Productions in Porto Heli - Peloponnese - Greece

Honey for example, is produced in significant quantities in Greece generally.  Like wine – the taste of honey changes from region to region.
The rural landscape around Kilada lends itself well to the production of honey.
When we buy honey @villa10greece, we want local honey.  From beehives we have passed as we go about our daily business.
One of our favorite producers open their doors, to visitors by appointment and it is an interesting experience.  @villa10greece’s GM can arrange appointments.

Visit Ermionis Apiary’s Website

Greek wine is another product that must be explored. – some of it is very very good.
Most vineyards are small and owner operated.  They do not produce enough to export internationally, but there is a strong healthy internal market.
And we here @villa10greece do our best to support it.
A visit to Kontovraki Vineyard a few kilometers from the villa is another must.
They produce the usual crowd pleasers in terms of grapes and blends.
In addition, they have revived an ancient local grape that produces a wine of fresh acidity, aromatic with a plethoric aftertaste…which basically means it is delicious.

Visit Ktima Kontovraki’s website


Both of these products are listed under “local products “ in the welcome package for our guests.