Easter Holidays in Villa 10 – Peloponnese

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For a taste of village life and a glimpse at the true spirit of the Greek people, join the Easter celebrations from the relaxed luxury of Villa 10.

villa-Near the Cave of Frachthi

Near the Cave of Frachthi

Each of our local villages and nearby islands * invites one and all to an enchanting mix of religious rituals and inclusive social gatherings.  Candle lit processions are attended by the devout, the social and the DFA (Down From Athens) crowd.

Greek Easter - Luxury Holidays

Villages and Islands Nearby Villa 10

It is a magical time of year to visit some of the world famous ancient sites like the nearby Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus a spectacular amphitheatre one hour’s drive from the villa.  The fortress town of Monemvasia established in Byzantine times is a three and a half hour drive.
Ancient Olympia home of the Olympic Games throughout Classical antiquity a three to four hour drive.  Helicopter charters and luxury car transfers can be arranged by Villa 10’s Manager and Host.  The riot of spring flowers both on route and surrounding these important sites makes a spring visit – extra special.

Peloponnese - Poppies Fields

Freshly ploughed fields newly planted with seasonal vegetables and grazing livestock, connect the observer to the age old rhythm of mother natures’ calendar.

The islands of Spetses and Hydra are easy to reach and great for day trips. Each with its own particular flavor of spring.

Cyclists, runners and hikers get out in clean fresh air and meander through stunning country side and coastal routes.

Guests who wish to connect with the crystal clear sea, walk to the nearby beachfront and go beach combing or distance swimming across the many tiny bays along the seafront beneath Villa 10.

Exercising is just that little bit easier to do from literally any of the rooms or terraces of balconies at the spacious Villa 10.  The floor to ceiling windows frame the mature grounds surrounding the villa and connect the inside with the outside.

Peloponnese Bike Rides

It is easy to reward work outs with a chill out at the award winning Amanzoe Hotel, nearby.  Massages, facials, grooming and some quirky holistic treatments in deeply elegant treatment suites add a deliciously indulgent dimension to a holiday.


Most taverns, but not all restaurants are open at this time of year. Our Villa No.10 Host, will know the best places to match guests mood and provide logistical advice, support and local knowledge.

With all these attractions outside the villa, what anchors our guests here is…..

Look out for next weeks’ blog for a focus on Villa 10.