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The Journey

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The journey to Villa 10….and by that, we mean the actual journey.

The transport options from Athens International Airport… land, sea and air.

To paraphrase that great Odet Adams song..  “doesn’t matter how you get here, just get here if you can”.

Athens  Airport is the Gateway to Greece for most travellers.  Whether arriving by private jet or by commercial airline it is an efficient and well operated airport with good connections to central Athens and the port of Piraeus.

For guests of Villa 10 these are the three main transfer options from the airport.

Most swish, is the helicopter option.  

Villa 10 shares a large helipad with a number of neighbours.

Helicopter Transfer to Villa 10

Fly from either Athens International Airport’s heliport or with Ifly from the heliport at the Peace and Friendship stadium in Piraeus.

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